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We  provide on-site and off-site consulting services for all IT related projects.  Our expert staff is ready to serve you at anytime. Our goal is to provide you  with the best customer service along with the expert advice when it comes to  any type of IT consulting. Our experienced staff is here to assist you and  provide you unbiased feedback or design in order to complete the project in  time and within the budget.

We have provided our services to many small and medium size businesses  throughout the MD/DC/VA area for over 10 years.
Please feel free to contact us at anytime to schedule a free consultation.

FPC (Fixed Price  Consulting)

Never pay more then you have to in order to get the best  IT service.

PPH (Pay Per Hour)  consulting

This  is the easiest way to reduce the IT costs for many small/medium sized  businesses. This allows you as a consumer to buy certain number of hours as a  container for a fixed price or go with the PPH promotion.

  • Is your network important? 
  • Is your network vulnerable? 
  • Is your network reliable? 
  • Is your network secure?

If you have answered yes to any of the above  questions, you need to contact our certified consultants who can assist you in  fixing any issues on your network.

We have been providing support to many small businesses in the MD/DC/VA area  for over 10 years.

As a consulting company, our job is to provide you the best customer service  and support which you are entitled to as a small business owner. Many companies  try to sell you the product which they are re-sellers for but here at Indersoft  Technologies Inc., we do not try to sell you any product just to make  commission. We will customize a solution for you and verify which application  will work the best for the scenario and make a recommendation.

We also provide very cost effective container service which allows the business  to reduce the consulting costs substantially by enrolling there business into  our Complete Management Solution support contract. Please click here to gain more  information about our on-site/off-site containers.

Complete IT support containers: customized for small & medium size businesses---------------------------------- Coming Soon!!!

Providing Business
With Top Of The
Line It Solutions

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